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The Flower Massage ® falls into the category of relaxing holistic massage aimed at maintaining the health and well-being of the person without aesthetic and healing purposes.

It is a holistic massage very complete and deep, developed in 2004, and taught in Italy and in the world, by dr. Ermanno Paolelli: psychiatrist and psychotherapist, former mentor of the Bach Foundation of Mount Vernon for "Distance Learning Programme", president of the Italian Society of Flower Therapy.

This massage - lasting about 50 minutes - has been specially designed to maximize the local effect of Bach flowers and other flower remedies, when applied topically. It makes use of a basis of flower remedies often formulated in a personalized way oils and creams for the case to be treated.

The Flower Massage ®, inspired by ancient Eastern and Western traditions, is enhanced by floral transpersonal experience of  dr. Orozco School and it differs entirely from Krämer end Lo Rito techniques, techniques using wraps and bandages with flower remedies in specific areas of the body. In our case it is rather a real holistic massage performed well being of the entire body with oils and floral creams look video.

  Bach Flower Massage
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Flower Massage ® having not curative purposes, but for the peculiar ability relaxing and well-being that broadcasts can be indicated as an adjuvant treatment of well-being in many physical and emotional hardships.

Every year, the Italian Society of Flower Therapy organizes training and supervision courses for the learning of this massage technique with Flowers. Consult our courses section and you will find the complete program of instruction and enrollment procedures to the next course of Flower Massage ®.

Legal Notes: Flower Massage ® is a registered trademark in the name of dr. Ermanno Paolelli therefore can not be used without written consent in any form of communication. The materials distributed in the courses and also the video of the entire method has been deposited to the OLAF Section - SIAE Unpublished Works. Any violation will be severely prosecuted according to law.

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